Our New Years Resolutions…

With the start of 2019, we’ve been thinking about the year to come and making some hard decisions. Wardrobe decisions.

2018 gave us some gems, with some bold trends that are definitely still going to go strong this year. It also gave us some trends that should be left in 2018. So we thought we’d share some of our thoughts on whats going to be hot and what’s not for 2019. Hopefully it’ll help you freshen up your wardrobe for this crazy year to come.


  1. Blazers!

Business bitch is back and goddamn it’s a hot look. Wear your staple blazer with shorts and a tee literally anywhere during the day. At night, you can layer it for warmth over a dress OR wear with pants and a bralet to look extra B.A.D. Check out below some of our Spring 2019 runway inspo and a few cute blazers were digging right now.


2. Sequins

We know that sequins have always been hot, but now it’s time to cool it down and wear them in a more laid back look. We’re talking slick but grungey looks, metallic dresses with sneakers, sequin skirts with band tees.



Yes that’s N.E.O.N. if you didnt catch that the first time. Attention-seeking in the best way, we love neon for taking every outfit up a couple levels. In 2018 it was the no.2 festival staple (after chains … yawn). This year we’re ready to be catching it in the streets. We can’t wait to get the neon collection of bike shorts from our faves over at Motel Rocks soon! Have a peak at them below amongst our other favourite neon pieces.


So those are our top three HOT picks for 2019. We could pick a hundred other trends that we’re keen to continue from 2018 (bike shorts, tribal decals, wife beaters, any early 2000s vibes) but we’ll restrain ourselves. What are we leaving in 2018? Negativity, haters, ripped skinny jeans… we could really go on.

But we’ll leave it on a high note 😉

Let us know what trends you’re keen to keep or leave in 2018.